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Budget Star Wars kids party

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Kids parties are like Marmite, either love them or hate them. Being a big kid, I am in the ‘love it’ group and to my delight my boy wants a Star Wars party. I need to deliver, but I also live on a budget. So the snag is that I don’t have that much money to spend and he has a some fixed requirements: 1) he wants everyone in costume and 2) he wants Star Wars theme throughout food, drink and decor.

Smoker and lasers (around £50) with a recoup value from resale around £25

Reading around the web I came across a cool article from a professional party planner who recommended a smoke machine.

Amazon sell a number of cheap machines but I wanted thick smoke so I opted for something with a bit more wattage, namely an 800w machine for £35.  I initially bought a cheaper model fog machine (£20) but it was just 400w and could not handle the dense smoke fluid; I had to return it and buy something more powerful, hence the 800w fogger which came with a remote control too.  The smoke machine was a major expense for the party but could be sold later to reduce the costs.

I bought a dense fog fluid (£6) to give a really dense smoke effect and some cheap laser pens (£1 each) from eBay to beam through the fog. The lasers only show when smoked up and the effect is awesome!

Blog post of a budget Star Wars party for kids from

CAUTION: The laser pens need parental supervision so that the kids don’t point them in their eyes.

Food and Drink (around £20) – no recoup value, burp!

This is where Pinterest came up trumps, so many ideas on so many boards, countless recipes for Yoda Soda with varying degree of fizz, slime and goo. HansBurgers (nice pun), LeiaBuns, and loads of very cool things.  I settled for:  Yoda Soda (lime soda with sherbet), Ewok Snacks (mini sausages), C3PO Oil (Cola),  Tie fighters (Cheese biscuits with cheese squares),  Storm trooper marsh mellows (painted marsh mellows) and Death star donuts (mini cakes with themed rice paper), some juices, crisps, cheese sandwiches and a cake with a sparkler candle.

Blog post of a budget Star Wars party for kids from

The key items to make this happen were a food marker pen from local craft shop £3 and 50 Star Wars themed wafer prints from eBay for £2 and some home printing of labels and placards found from pinterest.

Costumes (around £194), recoup of £50 from resale of adult costumes

This was going to be a bit pricey but my plan was to recoup money from selling the adult costumes, I mean how often do I really need a Jawa costume? All said though it was still the most expensive part of the party and money could definitely be saved by improvising some home made costumes.Blog post of a budget Star Wars party for kids from

1 x Jawa £36 resold later for £25 (eBay), 1 x Leia £32 resold later for  £25 (eBay), 1 x Captain Phasma £29 (disney store), 2 x Lightsabers £40 (disney store), 1 x Chewy mask £20  (eBay), 1 x Chewy pyjama £12 (disney store)

Party bags (around £10) – recoup, just you try!

Cheap plastic Star Wars party bags (£2 from a super market) containing a Star Wars key ring (pack of 6 for £4 from eBay),  a strip of 10 Star Wars stickers (50 stickers for £2 from eBay), a foam glider (£1.5 for 6 from eBay), a lipstick candy aka light sabers (£1 for a bag of them from a local shop), a glow stick (from a pack of 100 bought for £7 from eBay) and a slice of birthday cake.

Blog post of a budget Star Wars party for kids from

Decorations included some bunting (£2 ), cups (£1), napkins (£1.5), plates (£1.5) all available from supermarkets.  A large pack of 100 glow sticks – also used in party bags – but  which decorated the room.  Various printouts to decorate the rooms and doors.

Blog post of a budget Star Wars party for kids from

Overall costs (£287 for everything –  £212 after resales)

I probably did not account for everything but a broad guide to the costs:  Costumes £194 (£144 with resales), Decorations £6,  Party bags (£17), Food and Drink £20, Smoker with Lasers £50 (resale fog machine for £25).  Also bear in mind that the kids now have 2 x light sabers, Captain Phasma costume, Chewy costume which were bought for  £100.

So the consumable bits of the party were around £115 which is a reasonable win for the budget.

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  1. This was so beautifully and creatively done. I think it’s amazing how much effort you put into making sure your son got what he wanted but still stayed within a reasonable budget. I’m sure he appreciated it!

    • Thanks, it was such a great day, kids loved it and planning it was really quite fun. Let’s see what next year brings.

  2. Hahaa love reading your blogging. & this party was great to read about all the planning it must have been brilliant, for all!

  3. Well done on this.
    It’s these “adventures” that make parenting worth it. And you can be certain that the memories will stay in your kids minds for many decades and will pop up in the strangest of times and places. It might be a smell that triggers it or a visual or even a sound.
    Have a Perfect Day

    • Yes! Some of the kids friends still talk about the ‘starwars party’. Its always fun to think what little fragments of memories will be left in the minds of children and later adults.

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