First a massive thanks to everyone that encouraged me for the Chislehurst half marathon 2017.  All those especially that agreed to sponsor my run and to generally support my first fund raising project.  So far we raised 310 pounds, awesome!

Thanks to:

Lynda, Mina, Jamie, Elaine, Natasha, Sam, Liz, Nicola, Bridget, Richard, Dan, TheLoveLetters project, Brian, Ellie, George, John, Lynn, Sanjeev, Paul, Emma, Di, Cristina, Janie, Emma

The race

The race itself was fine, I felt great on the day.  My fear of a lack of preparation proved unfounded.  I ran 2 hours 6 minutes on the nose, exceeding the 2 hours 15 minutes. The course was tricky, hilly and through fields with roots and rabbit holes to avoid.  All said though, I ate like a pig the day before, got up early, missed two busses due to cancellations en route, but made it on time.

It was lovely to hear staff and spectators cheering, ‘go waterAid’, lovely too to squirt water from bottles at the kids as I ran, high five and generally really feel the positive vibe and buzz. What a great event, thoroughly uplifting.

As we started out I realised that I didn’t have a watch or timing device to speak of, I was hoping for a couple of pace setters as there had been during a 10k in Greenwich park – a run that was my only other foray into running.   Luckily there was guy kind of running at a decent pace so I spoke with him, Noel his name was.  He was running a host of events for charity, hoping to raise over 2k.  We kept company for the first 8 miles, before I told him I was feeling good and might up the pace a bit.  So I left him around 8 miles in and ran the final 5 a bit quicker.   He had just returned form holiday and a few indulgences yet still turned up to run, great effort!

As for my plan of running 10k, walking a bit, running 6k, waking s bit, running 5k.  I just ran without a breaks, feeling rock solid throughout.  But, in there words of Eisenhower:

In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.

What’s next

Running again, you bet! I enjoyed it, I raised money for a desperate cause.  Where next? Maybe in a month or two another half marathon and perhaps a marathon next year.  Let’s see.

I’ll archive these posts into the fund raising page to not clutter the main aim of this blog – the exploration of spirituality.

But, mostly, from this post, thanks for the support!

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