Fundraising for Water Aid

Fund raising for Water -

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Water Aid to build a well

An ambition  is to generate enough funds to support the construction of a water well in Africa.  Water is so fundamental, yet something that many people lack. I have no intention of making an imploring speech here. Visitors to this blog are already wise enough to know and sensitive enough to feel.  So I am simply asking, ‘Can you help?’ If you can help then please do! At the very least it motivates me to do more and to keep going with this project.

What I am doing?

Here is what I have been doing so far:

  1. EBay for Charity,
  2. All money generated from banner clicks from my blog (so click please).

So far I have personally managed around £235 and this total is not growing fast enough. The cost of a well is substantially more than I can raise on my own (see  Cost of a new well).

I hate to ask people to help, it feels like putting a burden on you, but, I have been trying towards this goal on my own and I need support.

The plan

So my plan is to set out some activities to support this cause:

1. Kick off:  half marathon (see
2. Followup runs, a 10k in June, more TBC and another half marathon in October.
3. Once we get to 500 GBP donation, I’ll sign up for a full marathon and go all out for more sponsorship.

Pictured and progress

I’ll post pictures and progress reports here so that anyone that donates can see that I am pulling my weight.

Progress so far

  • May half marathon run: £299 of £299
  • Total raised: £485 of £2415


      1. You can donate either via paypal using the widget (any amount, loose change, etc. it all helps)

    1. You can also donate directly to waterAid, just let me know how much and I’ll add it to my total raised ( – just leave a comment so I can move along the progress bars!

Final note:

  1. None of the money is kept by me for any expenses, your donations go straight to

    Thanks and peace!

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